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Want to blow someone’s mind?


Whether you’re stuck, want to blow your boss’s mind or just want to learn more new stuff, a great way to do that is to get started, learn along the way and adjust as you go. Sounds simple, right?

In truth, sometimes we could all do with a bit of help or a pointer in the right direction. That’s where we come in.

We will help you kickstart your new challenge or revamp an existing one, whether it’s an internet science fair, a new way to make coffee or branding your unicorn leggings store.

We specialize in facilitating

Design Sprint 2.0

We help badass companies save time and money by compressing months of work into days. Using Design Sprint 2.0 we help you build a prototype and test it with real users in just 4 days.

In just 4 days..

  • You will have a prototype
  • There will be a wall of actionable insights to continue with
  • Your team will have a clear focus
  • You will have saved months of time.

We like a challenge as much as the next person, so what makes us different?

It is in our DNA to share our knowledge and help you and your organization. When you create the best, coolest, most valuable service, event or product, that’s when we’re happy.

We have a strong foundation based on self-development and confidence in our ability. We would love to help you take up your big challenge and further expand on what matters to you.


Our experience enables us to be like a spider in the center of a web. But we don’t like spiders, so we’ll just say we’re great at facilitating different aspects of design, like Design Sprints and UX Design.

When it comes to creativity and innovation, we can take work off your plate. Our background with design and technology enables us to find great tools or the right people for the job for you.

Purpose Design

Personal growth

Awareness of what you care about and what you want to achieve is crucial to take your life into your own hands. It takes courage to act on what you think and feel, especially when your entire body is screaming ‘No!’ We are firm believers that mindfulness and self-reflection are amazing ways to get a head-start on your growth, even if it sucks sometimes.

Our experience is this: stepping out of your comfort zone is scary as fuck, but it usually pays back in ways we can’t imagine.


Technology is a great part of our lives. In design it creates new possibilities and in everyday life it makes things better, easier and cooler.

In business, we use the power of the internet to work with people around the world. By outsourcing your work, you free up time to focus the things that are close to your heart.

Technology enabled you to reach this website. Thanks, technology! ❤

The ‘me’ behind the ‘we’

Hi there, my name is Joost. I bet you didn’t come here to read about me as a kid. No? Great!

I have always been intrigued by how things work and what makes them good. As a kid, I took things apart. As an adolescent rebel (You? Right!) I learned how to create things based on what I thought worked and was good. Then I went to study Industrial Design where I learned and honed many of my design skills.

Although design and innovation stuff is what I love to do, the most important thing I learned in the past years was something completely different: self-reflection.

By looking in, I learned the values that are important to me and that I act on: integrity, curiosity, learning, teamwork and fun.

Purpose Design will be a business built on those values with a mix of design, technology and personal development at its core. Our measure of success is the number of amazing people we help to tackle their big challenges, innovate or act on what they truly value.

Design Sprint purpose guy
Joost MF Liebregts

Designer, founder & badass

No-nonsense summary

Design Sprint 2.0


Introductory offer

Guided 4-day process

Save months of work

 Build a prototype

Test with real users

Align your team

2-hour Sprint exercise


as in €0

Clarify your challenge

Experience the power of a Sprint

Get your team onboard

Get to know us

2-hour Sprint exercise


as in €0

Clarify your challenge

Experience the power of a Sprint

Get your team onboard

Get to know us

Design Sprint 2.0


Introductory offer

Guided 4-day process

Save months of work

 Build a prototype

Test with real users

Align your team

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Frequently Asked Questions

What will I get from doing a Design Sprint?

Lots of creative energy! The Design Sprint is a 4-day challenge that will stimulate you and your team’s creative spirit. One of the great non-creative benefits of a Design Sprint is that it helps align your team. You’ll learn what problems are really experienced in the team and what universally carried goals are.

Above all, a Design Sprint also replaces months of work. In just 4 days, you can go from framing the challenge to testing a prototype with real users and learning critical lessons to continue with.

Can anything be solved with a Design Sprint?

Simply put, no. There’s some nuance to what a Design Sprint can be used for, but that just scratches one option off the menu. Sometimes challenges don’t require a 4-day process to be tackled and some challenges aren’t fit for a Design Sprint.

There are other methods and tools we can use to help you move forward. Does that sound like a whole lot of nothing? Let us know your challenge and we can talk opportunities.

Can you help me with X? What about Y?

What kind of a challenge do you have in mind? We like to be challenged and we like to help. A great way to see if we can help you with X or Y is to ask us. Once we’ve got the conversation going, we’ll be sure to find a great solution for you.

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