#23 Serendipity

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#23 Serendipity
Shots of Purpose

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This one got delightfully out of hand! From being your authentic self to using rumble language to create a safe space, Joost and Brian take our first video-recorded episode to a personal level.

We get into Presence, frogs, intelligent lockdowns, and vegan balcony barbecues. We share our fears, irritations, frustrations, and inspirations. And we get to know each other a little better along the way.

Join us on this sojourn into the messy world of (our) human psychology and remember: we see you, and we value you! ✌️❤️

Also, this is the very first episode that you can watch! Check us out on YouTube!


Key Topics

Inspiration, change, personal lives, frogs, time travel, mindfuckery, authentic self, connection, COVID-19, smoothies, veganism, buy local, carbs fast & slow



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