Health Insurance, Gamified

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Health Insurance, Gamified
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Health insurers, like a.s.r. Vitality, are using data from wearables like Fitbit and Apple Watch to give healthier people discounts. This makes a lot of sense: if you’re healthier, you’re less likely to need medical care, which means an insurance company is less likely to have to pay medical bills.

But what could go wrong? In this episode, Joost talks about his life with a.s.r. Vitality and discusses with Brian the benefits and potential pitfalls with gamified health. We discuss privacy, ethical design, and behavior change, pondering the influence of economics on service design & how we can help systems like these work the way we intend them to.

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Health, insurance, digital personhood, data ethics, consent, behavior change, behavioral design, Agile development, wearables, mobile apps, privacy, security, information design


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