Shots of Purpose EP14

Life Lessons and Great Books

July 8, 2019 Posted by 0 thoughts on “Life Lessons and Great Books”

Life Lessons and Great Books
Shots of Purpose

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In this episode Brian, Joost, and Tom share their recent life lessons. Things they’ve taken to heart and have enriched themselves with. For example, are you aware of the Netherlands’ ranking when it comes to sustainability? We are pretty low on the list, but apparently there are some (good) reasons that explain that ranking a bit better than you would assume initially. That’s one of Joost’s recent lessons learned: there is always another perspective to be heard and learned from. Brian tells us how dealing with assumptions makes him a better communicator and professional, and Tom shares how he’s following his heart more closely now.

We also talk about a lot of books! Tune in to find out if they are the type of book for you.

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