Are the Polar Icecaps Really Melting? /w Xenia Tombrou

January 13, 2020 Posted by 0 thoughts on “Are the Polar Icecaps Really Melting? /w Xenia Tombrou”

Are the Polar Icecaps Really Melting? /w Xenia Tombrou
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Design thinking gives people tools to address issues all over the world. Xenia Tombrou uses them in her struggle to clean up her home island of Corfu, Greece.

Tom, Joost, and Brian got to speak with Xenia, communication specialist, project manager, and climate activist. We discuss her work on reusing & reducing waste on the island, the most difficult challenges she faces, and how a little empathy can convert our most vocal critics into our most motivated allies.

Key Topics

Sustainability, waste management, community building, recycling, climate change, ego, leadership, plastic, composting, environment, conservation, design thinking, empathy

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