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A small change with a potentially big impact: the recycled Post-It.

October 8, 2018 Posted by Design, Impact, Sustainability 0 thoughts on “A small change with a potentially big impact: the recycled Post-It.”

Before I wrote this article, I felt a pressure to write something significant and meaningful about sustainability. That feeling of weight didn’t make it any easier to get anything written, but then, one sunny morning in Utrecht an idea dawned on me, and I wrote this article. This article isn’t about some significant, meaningful sustainability movement. But it could be. 

For the past 8 years of my designer life, I’ve used and seen one particular product quite a few times, but never really stopped to think about its value and impact.

I’m talking about the paper sticky note, better known as the Post-it. The designer’s best friend when it comes to generating ideas and organizing thoughts and tasks. For me, and I believe many others too, the sticky note has a significant value in the design process. It impacts our way of working, and therefore on what we design and bring into this world. Would it then be farfetched to say that the sticky notes we use have an impact on the planet? (more…)