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#22 Notes on (Remote) Team Leadership

april 13, 2020 Posted by 0 thoughts on “#22 Notes on (Remote) Team Leadership”

#22 Notes on (Remote) Team Leadership
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Leading a team, especially for the first time, presents us with interesting challenges. Great! That gives us opportunities to grow, help others in meaningful ways, and discover superpowers we didn’t know we had.


Joost, Tom, and Brian take the opportunity of Tom’s new job to discuss how these opportunities take shape, how they challenge us, and which tools can help us succeed. We cover topics like leadership by example, dealing with organizational politics, and managing team (members’) performance. Enjoy! 🙏🏼

Key Topics

Setting expectations, intention, design principles, task relevant maturity, empathy, vulnerability, one on one’s, toxicity, multidirectional management



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